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API references

An overview of all available API references for Storybook.


main.js|tsStorybook's primary configuration file, which specifies your Storybook project's behavior, including the location of your stories, the addons you use, feature flags and other project-specific settings.
preview.js|jsx|ts|tsxThis configuration file controls the way stories are rendered. You can also use it to run code that applies to all stories.
manager.js|tsThis configuration file controls the behavior of Storybook's UI, the manager.
CLIStorybook is a CLI tool. You can start Storybook in development mode or build a static version of your Storybook.


CSFComponent Story Format (CSF) is the API for writing stories. It's anopen standard based on ES6 modules that is portable beyond Storybook.
ArgTypesArgTypes specify the behavior of args. By specifying the type of an arg, you constrain the values that it can accept and provide information about args that are not explicitly set.
ParametersParameters are static metadata used to configure your stories addons in Storybook. They are specified at the story, meta (component), project (global) levels.


Doc blocksStorybook offers several doc blocks to help document your components and other aspects of your project.

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